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Incidentally synonym meaning

1: in an incidentalmanner : not intentionallythe arrant nonsense of some of his statements is incidentallyhilarious— John Lahr 2: by way of interjection or digression : by the wayfortunate in having a good teacher —still living, incidentally— John Fischer Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About incidentally.

‘yes’ - a synonym for ‘alloca’. ‘no’ - a synonym for ‘malloc-reentrant’. ‘reentrant’ - alloca if available, otherwise ‘malloc-reentrant’. This is the default. ‘notreentrant’ - alloca if available, otherwise ‘malloc-notreentrant’. alloca is reentrant and fast, and is recommended. It actually allocates just small .... Incidentally definition, apart or aside from the main subject of attention, discussion, etc.; by the way; parenthetically. See more.

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manner In an incidental manner; not of central or critical importance. The book discussed the subject, but only incidentally. By chance; in an unplanned way. speech act, conjunctive Parenthetically, by the way. Incidentally, did you hear anything new from your brother yesterday? Synonyms Adverb: apropos, as a matter of fact, by the way Antonyms.

There are 2 meaning(s) for word Incidentally Incidentally Meaning 1 : of a minor or subordinate nature Example : these magnificent achievements were only incidentally influenced by.

Synonyms for respectively include accordingly, consecutively, sequentially, successively, individually, separately, progressively, serially, in succession and one by one. Find more similar words at!.

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